The History of Greater South Temple

               South Mission was the first name of this church, the name was later changed to South Temple.  When
    Elder Pullen became pastor, he changed the name to Pullen Temple.  A t the demis e of Elder Pullen, Supt.
    Lea Williams became pastor and changed the name back to South Temple C.O.G.I.C.  The name remaiked
    till after the builing of our new sancutary in 2000.  The new sancturary was named Greater South Temple
    Church of God In Christ.

                 Greater South Temple's history goes by to the early 1920's.  A church record confirms that a report from
    South Mission was made to our National Church.  In 1925, our first National Mother-Mother Lizzie Robinson-
    visited South Mission at a time when the church did not have a pastor.  Mother Robinson encouraged them,
    and let the church now that they were doing the best that they could.  Soon after Mother Robinson's visit, Elder
    Kendrick became pastor of South Mission.  Elder Kendrick later became bishop of Southwest 2nd . Jurisdiction

                 Mother Bernice Hayman shared some history with us of her experiences at South Temple. Mother
    Hayman stated that, on March 16,1932, the church was destroyed.  In 1988, when she shared this history with the
    church, she and Mother Fannie Bullock were the only two surviving original members, from 66 years ago when the
    then South Mission was organized. Mother Hayman donated $66.00 to the church to commemorate the date during
    the church anniversary in 1998.

                         Mother Shields-the mother of Mother Hayman, and  Mother Statham-the mother of Mother Bullock, were
    also devoted members of then South Temple in the 1930's.  They and remained faithful and helped rebuild
    South Temple after the tornado in 1932.

                         Mother Erma Hill, the daughter of Bishop Kendrick, grew up at South Temple and worked in many areas of
    the church to help her father. Mother Hill, Mother Hayman, Mother Bullock and Mother William played a great part
    in keeping South Temple Alive.

             This church has stayed together under different pastors, such as, Elder Rodgers, Elder Kendricks, Elder
    Pullen, Supt Williams and now, Supt. W. E. McGowan since 1980.